Doughnut Creator v4.6

Welcome to the dougnut creator, where you can play with creating your own personal doughnut, or think about and explore a local or global doughnut.

To find out how you could use creator, have a look at this blogpost.

And here are some more thoughts on the usage of personal doughnuts

Set up and Testing

Doughnut Type:

Doughnut Colours (Personal only):

Doughnut Size:

Doughnut Ring Size:

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Dimension Info

Hover over or select dimensions on the doughnut drawing.

Note: Edit allows you to change the level value of the selected dimension using the controls below.
Renaming it will add a new dimension, but you can then use Remove to delete the original dimension.

Add/Edit Dimension




Note: This is the level inside (negative) or outside (positive) the doughnut.

Measure (optional):

Dimension lists

CSV export/import

Created by Jezz at Cambridge Doughnut Economics - contact us via our website

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